Welcome to Glitch Labs

A creative agency that is rebooting the way you see the world. We firmly believe it's time for a change - a complete zap of the status quo. We're not just on a mission to innovate, but to blaze new trails by celebrating the unconventional and harnessing the power of the unexpected - the power of a good glitch.

More than an anomaly or a deviation

A glitch, for us, is more than an anomaly or a deviation from the norm; it's an opportunity. It's a beautiful flaw that breaks monotony, revealing a path to something new, something extraordinary. In a world striving for perfection, we find our stride in the chaos, exploiting the unforeseen to fuel innovation.

A thriving, dynamic community

Here at Glitch Labs, we foster a thriving, dynamic community where the creative genius of artists, designers, photographers, and musicians, can collide and coalesce. We've created a sanctuary for creative minds where the fusion of art and ingenuity births the exceptional. It's a collaborative environment that not only welcomes but cherishes the brilliance of diversity and the audacity of fresh ideas.

Unapologetically unconventional

Our approach is unapologetically unconventional and refreshingly unique. We don't see glitches as setbacks or hiccups in the system, but as sparks for greater creativity and innovation. We see the world not as it is, but as it could be - a canvas for limitless potential.

We don't fear the unpredictable

Embracing the unexpected, we navigate through chaos with a smile. We don't fear the unpredictable, but welcome it as an opportunity to redefine what's possible. It's not just about perfecting the process, it's about discovering, exploring, and liberating the untapped potential within each glitch.

A journey of disruption and creation

So, come on this thrilling journey of disruption and creation. Engage with us in this dynamic, transformative space where your unique vision can be part of something bigger. At Glitch Labs, we're not just building the future; we're reshaping it one glitch at a time. Welcome to the new world order.

Smile, it's just a Glitch

Working with us

At Glitch Labs, we appreciate and admire the exceptional work done by our colleagues at Sand Dome Media. We believe that our services complement Sand Dome's offerings, providing a rich diversity in creative innovation.

While Sand Dome Media excels at creating impeccable, structured solutions, Glitch Labs thrives on the unexpected. Our core strength lies in embracing unpredictability and creating something extraordinary out of the unconventional. We specialize in producing fresh, bold ideas that challenge the norm and offer a unique perspective on creativity.

Our approach to innovation aligns with the changing pulse of the digital age. We collaborate with artists, designers, and musicians, creating a vibrant ecosystem that encourages free-flowing ideas and fosters innovation from the ground up. This dynamic, creative space allows us to provide unique solutions that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

While we complement Sand Dome Media's offerings, it's important to note that we operate independently. We have our own methodologies, our own unique approach to harnessing creativity, and our unique vision. While we respect and admire the work done at Sand Dome Media, the team at Glitch Labs is committed to creating our own unique footprints in the sands of creativity and innovation.

Our Services

Audio and Video Production

  • World Class Studios or your remote location
  • Drone
  • Interviews
  • Vlogs
  • Promtional material
  • Music Videos

Photographic and Fine Art Prints

  • Dedicated Archival Quality 4x6 Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Archival Quality 11 Color Pigment Printer with Chroma Optimizer
  • Print sizes up to 17 x 25, larger print sizes avavailble
  • 100's of paper choices

Audo, Video, and Photographic Post Production

  • World Class audio post production studios
  • Grammy award wining producers and engineers
  • Video editing and effects
  • Photographic color correction and effects

Creatives solutions for your project

  • Aircraft Hanger events
  • Private jets
  • DJ or Band for your event
  • Hosted party at top clubs and venues
  • Vinyl EP's and LP's
  • If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality

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